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The Hairy Ape follows the saga of Yank, a maritime laborer who questions his place in society when branded as "a filthy beast" by the rich daughter of a steel industrialist.Chris Sullivan delivers a turbulent and gut-wrenching performance as Yank, the shoveler of coal into the furnace of a luxury ocean liner, mindlessly performing his function, physically taunting and threatening his co-workers who dare over-think their place in this world.Calling someone a beast is in effect stripping them of their humanity.A Doll's Houseis a masterpiece of theatrical craft which, for the first time portrayed the tragic hypocrisy of Victorian middle class marriage on the stage.The play begins with the firemen in the stokehole celebrating the end of a day with drinking, singing and dancing.

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If you have someone around your house behaving in an uncomfortably Neanderthal fashion, you might want to borrow the title of the play by Eugene O'Neill.It is about a beastly, unthinking laborer known as Yank, the protagonist of the play, as he searches for a sense of belonging in a world controlled by the rich.According to Goodman, "Graney's production transforms Goodman's three-tiered Owen Bruner Theatre into the various strata of an ocean liner.


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